Restoring sons & daughters

Founded in 2002, Emoyeni served it's mission to help the orphans and vulnerable children infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis in Mpumalanga, South Africa.  

More recently, even though HIV/AIDS is still spreading rapidly, free ARV medications have immensely diminished the death toll and increased the life-expectancy of those infected.  The country has masked the issue and as a result is spiraling deeper into a promiscuous and fatherless generation where many children do stay with a mother, aunt or grandmother but have no sense of their identity, significance, or purpose.   

We realized we must adjust our approach.  Now, Emoyeni Ministries seeks to restore the God-given identity of these children to their place as sons and daughters.  


Emoyeni is the siSwati word for "in the Spirit / in the wind "  

We are based in eManzana (formerly Badplaas), Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.