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Restoring sons & daughters

Emoyeni Ministries South Africa: serving Emanzana, Mpumalanga Province since 2002

We exist to support and provide caring solutions for South Africa’s vulnerable children.

Emoyeni Ministries has over 20 years of experience investing in the same rural South African community. With that comes a wealth of enduring relationships, wisdom learned from successful and unsuccessful projects, and passion to leverage our experience into a force for positive change.

Our motto is ‘Restoring Sons and Daughters.’ We see a fatherless generation in need of family, and we believe that the Gospel is the most effective power on earth to restore hope, dignity, identity, purpose and belonging. To that end we labor, that the least of these may know and experience the love of the Father through Jesus Christ, His Son.

Our extended family is made up of volunteers and partners from Emanzana and from around the world. Some have served on our farm or on short-term medical, construction, Gospel, or humanitarian mission trips. Some have interned for several months, and others have served as staff members for years at a time. Faithful donors who have never been to Africa have made it possible for others to live and work there through their gifts and prayers.

Our name, Emoyeni, is a Siswati word which means ‘In the Spirit.’ Together, in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are building a brighter future for the children of Emanzana – RESTORING SONS AND DAUGHTERS.

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