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The Farm

The vision of the farm is to provide a ministry base that is revenue-generating and self-sustaining. 

The farm was purchased in 2015 with 400 producing macadamia trees. We have since planted an additional 800 trees, with space for more than 3,000 trees. 


Streams flow from the surrounding mountains, providing unlimited, free, gravity-fed irrigation and fresh drinking water.  The country air is fresh and invigorating, and the orchards and grounds are alive with birdsong. The view from our thatch-roofed prayer chapel is breathtaking, with spectacular sunrises and sunsets across the valley. On clear nights the African sky is ablaze with constellations, framed by the moonlight silhouettes of the distant mountains of Eswatini (Swaziland). It is a little Eden, an open invitation into the peace and tranquility of God's presence. 

The farm is home to our long-term missionaries, and also boasts team housing and an expanding kid's campground where we host youth camps for the children of Emanzana.

Future farming projects may include bee keeping, sheep, chickens, and greenhouses for vegetables and macadamia seedlings.  

We invite you to help us develop the farm and the campground by DONATING HERE. 

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